Going on vacation? Do you have a house for sale that you want us to check? 


Don't forget to sign up for your House Check.


It's easy. Click on link below to submit the request form.


Our Patrol Officers check on all houses in Palm Beach County that are registered for an ARK Security House Check. We will also work with realtors or private sellers to maintiain the security of their property. Our officers are trained to call for police assistance or an additional officer if they hear or see anything suspicious.


This service helps to deter potential burglars and provides for additional security while your house is unoccupied.  If, by chance, a burglary occurs at your residence while you’re away, the individual that you specify as your emergency contact will be notified. 


When you return home, or want to discontinue our service, simply contact us at:

561-282-6494 By Call, Text or E-mail and let us know you have returned.

Full Exterior Inspection:

  • Walk the entire property and check for signs of trespassing or property damage.
  • Verify that all doors and windows are properly secured to prevent break-ins.
  • Check for signs of water damage or erosion.
  • Post storm visual inspections for severe weather damage.
  • Check swimming pools and hot tubs for irregularities.
  • Check all garage doors and inspect vehicles on the property for damage or intrusion.
  • IMMEDIATE reporting to Client of any abnormalities found.
  • Alarm Response



Normal price for House checks can be obtained by calling or sending us an email. An alarm response may be an additional charge.

Registration form needs to be submitted no less than 48 hours BEFORE your departure date. House checks that are for sale will be charged on a monthly basis and may cancel anytime. Only Valid in the State of Florida. 


By submitting this form, listing, and entering your name, you understand that House Checks will be performed twice a day for the length of time gone and as time and personnel permits. The digital signature on this form releases ARK Security Services of all liability for loss of property or damage occurring during this time period.


For more information about our House Watch services, contact us!

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