ARK Security is experienced and well versed in the procedures associated with crossing guard services. We have a high standard for what our School Safety program should project both to the client and to the public.


We have a dedicated Crossing Guard Lead Coordinator who’s only function is to assure our crossing guard services are being delivered properly and courteously. We recognize that it is vital that we have 100% staffing at all times, for the Safety of the children using the crossings. ARK Security will be prepared to provide capable and reliable personnel to fill the crossing guard requirements.

ARK Secuirty Maintains Your Contracted Crossing Guards to A Great Standard Training Program that Highlights Some of the Following Items:


Local Traffic Regulations

Traffic Control Devices

Traffic Hazard Identification

Emergency Procedures

Bad Weather Provisions

Heavy Traffic Procedures



Do you have an issue with speeding in your gated community? 

We can help with that. With our Traffic Enforcement Divison we can assure that your residents and guests maintiain proper traffic and property laws on your property. Our Traffic Officers have 10 years of Law Enforcement experience and atleast 5 years of Security experiance.


All Marked Traffic Enforcement vehicles are equipped with radar units, dashcam units, on board computer and full light package. We issue property violations to each person in violation after one warning. If the situation increases any, we will then call for the local law enfocement for a further investigation. 


Our team at ARK Security provides services concerning traffic control. We are widely used to help with traffic control in and out of businesses, parking garages, churches, events, and more. Since we work with local law enforcement officers to provide services, our team is properly trained in traffic and crowd control. Whether on a highway or providing egress and ingress into a facility or parking garage, we know how to help you keep an area safe even with a heavy flow of traffic. Retain our team for any of your traffic control needs, whether the job is long term or short term.


Moving Vehicles, Bicycles, & Pedestrians Safely

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