Loss or damage of construction equipment and materials can dramatically increase the expense of construction projects. Contractors with inadequate equipment security are easy targets for theft. Superintendents and project managers require a comprehensive security plan to control access to their site, which protects their valuable trailers, materials and equipment.


Upon request (24/7), a security team will be promptly dispatched to secure/protect your construction site(s) and equipment. The officer(s) will patrol and servile the construction site area(s) & equipment and (may) position remote electronic detection devices as an onsite security force multiplier. These are NOT security guards, rather professional security officers with over twenty (20) years of experience.


ARK Security's construction site security officers use access control logs to ensure that only authorized personnel enter the site. Frequent patrols in and around the site ensure that potential perpetrators know there is security on site and will look for an easier target elsewhere. Detailed material watch logs and daily activity logs further verify that proper security measures were followed.


ARK Security has a longstanding reputation for professional, incident-free security guard services. Our uniformed officers are specifically trained for construction site security and can be armed or unarmed, depending on your preference.


Our construction site security services include 24-hour manned service, after-hours night guard service and random patrol service.

Our construction security service includes

  • Visitor and vehicle job site/gate access control

  • Visitor and VIP escort

  • Site and office security patrol

  • Vehicle and foot patrols

  • Equipment movement/watch log

  • Material watch log

  • Daily activity logs

  • up to 24-hour guard service

Additional benefits include:

  • Calls are received and Professional Security Officers are dispatched 24/7

  • Officer's security functions are totally “stand alone” and require no (additional) client support at the construction site  

  • Officers will interface with local law enforcement to coordinate security efforts at your building project

  • Agents are trained in First Aid (American Red Cross) and CPR (American Heart Assn.)

  • Photos, observations and security recommendations regarding your construction job site & equipment are provided in daily reports

  • Reports are transmitted from the construction job site in real time during shift

  • Officers observe and report events directly to the client, law enforcement and/or fire

  • Daily, weekly or long term construction job site & equipment security agreements are available

  • No job site “shut down” and “start up” time for your employees … productivity improves

  • Minimize the potential for theft and/or shrinkage of tools & equipment (Employee theft)

  • Reduce the potential for litigations based on injuries by trespassers at your construction site

  • This service has proven to be extremely beneficial for building contractors, property managers, owners, field superintendents, job foreman, line, welding and erecting crews

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