As time has progressed into the 21st century, we too have updated our systems. In prior times when a vehicle was gone in the morning and you could only assume it was towed, you had to call the tow company or security company and ask where it was. Unfortunately some companies still employ this system and it is very counterproductive to today’s fast paced and automated world.


With ARK Security, you will have a custom password protected web portal on our ARKweb System that list’s all officer reports, officer log on/off, security camera footage and all vehicle vioaltions. All information is available to you at anytime anywhere (wherever internet access is available). 


The system will also show you previous violations, with those photos available as well, so you can see exactly why the chosen enforcement action was selected. You will receive an email notification every time we go through the property and/or update your web portal. With this system, you no longer have to make a phone call, be put on hold and wait while an irate tenant stands at your desk glaring at you trying to intimidate you as if you did something wrong also, your violator can no longer swear he/she had a permit or they were not in a fire lane, or even that this was their first time.


You will have the photos and history right in front of you and you can end a frivolous argument right then and there! Just imagine the frustration and time that will save you compared to the old fashioned way.


For some reason, many of our competitors still do not photograph vehicles in violation. This is puzzling to us, as it is so easy to do today with the use of electronic cameras, cellular phones and computer systems. The old saying is true; a picture is worth a thousand words. A picture immediately available on line is even more valuable and its effect is absolutely incredible.


Many habitual violators will deny their violation until they see it in a picture. Once you see the indisputable proof, most arguments seem to end peacefully and everyone moves on.


Our system has other benefits as well. The officer will make any note when there is a security issue, with pictures also and you will get a notification whenever we are coming on property, making a note and leaving the poperty. All reports are live action. usualy you will be able to see them within 1 minute of us submitting the information. 

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