A monitored alarm system is only as good as the alarm response resulting from its activation. Alarm response will take the form of private security, law enforcement, or both, responding to a burglar alarm call. Depending on where you live, many law enforcement agencies classify unverified burglar alarm activations as low priority calls, often resulting in a delayed (hours) or no-show response.


A professionally trained alarm response officer, who does a thorough perimeter check of a property for signs of a break-in, vandalism or trespassing, will be able to provide a more accurate assessment of an alarm call .


ARK Security offers the most effective type of alarm response available to its customers.  Remember, a monitored alarm system without reliable alarm response means that no one may respond, or, if someone does respond, it may be hours later and it might be done without a thorough investigation.


Click here to read Palm Beach County's Alarm Response Policy.



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